Notice To Our Clients About Our Practices During Covid-19

Posted by on May 11, 2020 in General | Comments Off on Notice To Our Clients About Our Practices During Covid-19

During these unprecedented and trying times of Covid-19 we’ve made changes for our clients and our own safety. Please be aware that till further notice this will be our new norm. There will be no beverages or bags allowed and there will be no waiting rooms, magazines, or blow outs. Clients can only bring their own personal devices and method of payment, clients must wait outside for booked appointment to begin. Please be also aware that your hair unless otherwise informed must be clean dry with no product in it. For extra hygienic measures all clients must sanitize their hands and must wear a mask, if client doesn’t have a mask it will be provided at a cost. Patrick and Grace will be wearing masks, face shields and protective gear to make our environment safe for all. We will be cleaning all tools and all areas and stations , that clients come in contact with. We will use a hospital grade cleaner specifically designed to kill all kinds of viruses. All capes towels, etc. that come in contact with clients will be one use only. We will be operating every other day so as to practice social distancing with the owner Jasmyn. Thank You for your patience and understanding Patrick and Grace.