Hair Colour

Essensity Natural Hair Colour

Essensity Hair Colour

After extensive research, Hair by Pasqual has committed to the new ESSENSITY colour product.

The redesigned pigments and plant-based oils ensure maximum sustainability and outstanding colour performance. The technology offers enhanced colour and stunning natural looking colour to help you look your best.

To help you keep this colour and ensure your hair stays looking great, you should use the best hair care products you can afford.

Essensity organic hair colour

Retro Style

Pasqual recommends to his clients that if they are going to spend their hard earned money on a colour or on highlights, they should spend a little more and make sure that they take care of it with the right products.

ESSENSITY hair care products are perfect as they are designed to compliment the ESSENSITY colour.

Essensity ammonia-free hair colour

Beautiful colour

The care products are perfectly designed to repair, moisturize and seal the cuticle for superb colour retention, reflection and pure softness, complementing the ESSENSITY color range.

The ESSENSITY care products are perfect for people who have sensitivities to products because they are free from silicones , mineral oils and synthetic fragrances. In addition they are sulfate-free action which means your colour will stay fresh and retain its original state.

ESSENSITY Care formulations contain blends of pure organic essences and natural ingredients such as pomegranate, aloe vera and almond protein.

  • Up to 100% stronger hair
  • Up to 100% more shine
  • up to 4 times more care and smoother hair
  • Maximal anti-fade protection


Essensity hair colour and repair hair product

Hair colour & repair

Colour and Repair

The new ESSENSITY care range is based on the Phytolipid Technology with the active ingredient Marula oil and opens up a new generation in colour-care performance. ESSENSITY Care prodeucts are free from silicones, mineral oil, parabens, and artificial fragrances. In addition, the ESSENSITY shampoos are based on a gentle sulfate-free formula.

Essensity natural hair colour and hair product

Hair Colour & Moisture

Colour and Moisture

ESSENSITY is made from 100% natural fragrances. The fragrance conveys modern and refreshing scents with a revitalizing natural lemon scent blended with pure green tea elements. The shampoos convey a refreshing scent from a rejuvenating burst of citrus, tangerine and orange notes.